Speaking Thai

When it comes to the Thai language, it may be very difficult to learn. People take years upon years on end to be able to speak the Thai language fluenly. This does not even include learning how to write in Thai. The truth is that the Thai language is a very unique and interesting language that takes time to learn and master.

Learning the basics

If you are going to visiting Thailand it may be a good idea to learn the basics. In fact getting a book with the basic Thai phrases is going to be the best thing that you can do. You will need to be able to say basic things like “hello” or “how much does that cost”, all of these things can easily be learnt and picked up.

The best way to move forward in learning basic Thai is to start by watching online videos and tutorials. There are many free online videos and tutorials which will help to teach you the basics of the Thai language.

One of the reasons why it is useful to watch a video is because you will be able to hear the prononciation of the words. Hearing someone speaking the words out loud, will help you to gain an understanding of the words need to sound like.

Some of the basics of Thai

Khop kun means thank you.

Khot hort means sorry.

Sabaaidii mai? means How are you?

Sawatdii means hello.

These are just some of the absaloute basics, but these are things that you should know if you are going to be speaking to Thai people or if you are going to be going to Thailand. The truth is that even if you are going to be interacting with Thai people who can speak English it is going to show more respect to them if you are able to take the time and effort to learn the basics of their language.

Thai has five tones and is a tonal language. This means if you know how to speak another tonal language, you may find Thai to be easier than most. However it is quite a difficult language to learn. The best way to learn Thai is directly face to face by a Thai person. However this is not always an option which is completely understanable. Fortunately the internet has many resources available that can help you learn Thai.

Learning the fundamentals such as hello and goodbye will not only help you if you go to Thailand, but it will help you when you go to a Thai eatery or even go get Thai takeout. Once you learn these basics you will able to use them for the rest of your life.