The Thai Community in Canada

Canada is fortunate to have a rich and diverse Thai community in its midst. In fact, Canada should be grateful, as the Thai culture is fascinating and fantastically varied. You will find in the major towns and cities of Canada many Thai people. You will also find Thai take out places, Thai shops and recipes for delicious authentic Thai food. Canada is home to many Canadian Thai people who live the country’s lifestyle. They, however, are still tied to their roots, customs and cultures.

The Thai People in Canada

Their history goes back many years. In fact, the very first Thai people to settle into Canada was literally many years back in the history books. In the early years of the 1950s, students would come to Canada from Thailand to study. In many cases they ended up going back to Thailand; however, their education was entirely Canadian. Many people had to return again to do service to pay for their studies.

Years passed, and when it came to the 1990s, a significant financial crisis took place in Thailand. This affected the entire economy and families everywhere began to suffer tremendous losses. It soon became clear that Thailand was not an option anymore for these people, as things had become too harsh. It was due to this financial crisis that Thai people started looking abroad for opportunities, and many were found in Canada.

Canada became the place to meet dreams and create a better life. The second generation of Thai people in Canada adopted Canadian ways. However, they always bring a part of Thailand with them wherever they go. Their ties to their ancestors and family make them different and unique from the average Canadian.

The Truth About Thai People in Canada

The truth is that many Thai people had full intentions to return to their country. They did not intend to settle in Canada, and the plan was to go back to Thailand. However, things did not work out that way. The life in Canada soon became their home, and they only returned back to Thailand to visit families.

The Thai community are a positive and good influence on the country of Canada. They are high contributing members of society, and they bring a lot of value to the country. The Thai food is unique to the people, and Canadians now get to experience the benefits.

They have sacred recipes which date back hundreds of years. The people of Canada and tourists to the country, always enjoy Thai food. The Thai people bring great joy and taste to Canada. They share their culture, love, kindness and eating with everyone. They are now a big part of the people of Canada.