Five Thai Dishes You Must Try

Whether you love soups or solid food, Thai dishes need no introduction. From indigenous delicacies to the profusion of exotic flavors, Thai food is seemingly inexhaustible. And they’ll surely thrill your taste buds. Have a look at some of the best foods that Thailand has to offer.

Tom Khai Khai

Tom Khai Khai refers to chicken in coconut soup and is a favorite for both locals and tourists. The meal includes tender strips of chicken infused in crushed shallots and lemongrass. This food also features thinly sliced chilies and galangal. Be sure to top it off with a cream concoction or sweet-smelling fresh lime leaves.

Tom Yum Goung

Are you a lover of soups? As the name suggests, Tom Yum Goung is yummy and sets you into the great Thai food experience. This delicious soup features shrimp as the main ingredient. It includes lemongrass and is hot and sour. A Thai take-away and online session with leovegas is one of my go-to treats, and you can try it out if you love eating while surfing the internet. But if you don’t like spices, you may ask for the milder version of this original flavor.

Pad Krapow Moo Saap

This is a favorite Thai dish which loosely translates into fried basil and pork. Best served at dinner or for lunch, this meal is made with lots of tasty green beans, hot fresh chilli, slices of pork, steamed rice, and is topped up with basil leaves, a little sugar, and soy sauce. The slices of pork are oily to make this dish soft and digestible. You may want to top off this dish with the famous kai dao (fried egg).

Som Tam

One of the staples in Thailand, Som Tam, translates into green papaya salad. You can’t get enough of this combination of hot, sour, salty, sweetness, and savory tastes. Basically, this food is made from thinly sliced cherry tomatoes, chilies, garlic, raw papaya, and green beans. This delicacy comes in different regional variations, including salted preserved egg, peanuts, dry shrimp, and fermented fish sauce.

Yam Nua

One dish you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Thailand is Yam Nua, which is a spicy beef salad. Yam Nua is fresh, thrilling, and spicy. Basically, it’s a mixture of tender strips of beef, dried chili, coriander, onion, and spearmint. The yummy Yam Nua is simple, yet it perfectly embodies all Thai foods.

Top Thai Foods at a Glance

There’s a myriad of appealing dishes you’ll find in Thai eateries. In addition to the above delicacies, you may want to try Kai Med Ma Moung (chicken fused with cashew nuts), Gaeng Keow Wan Kai (green chicken curry), and Pad Thai (fried noodles). Thais love chili and other hot spices in their meals. So, ask for lighter variations of these dishes if you don’t want to tingle your lips.